VUEA forms

We have LOTS of forms.  Forms for lots of things, and we’re trying to put them up here so you have easy easy access to them.

Professional Development Request:
Please send completed forms to Lena at the VUEA office- you can use district mail. Thanks!

VUEA Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank SIGN UP request (due by September 30th. You only have to sign up ONCE to be on it indefinitely)

VUEA Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank USE request:

Risk Management / Insurance (send these to the ESC, Risk Management)

Enrollment and Change of Status Form
(OK, ask VUSD risk management for the real form; in emergency, use this.  The district version is in quadruplicate and quite fancy)
You have only 30 days!
Email Jodie Argueta ( to get the form or to ask questions.  She’s great and can help.

And if you have Kaiser, use this too!