Negotiations: for students

Impasse for Students


What’s going on?

Employees in Ventura Unified are a part of what is known as an “association”, sometimes called a union. The goal of these associations is to fight for the rights of its members, including arguing for fair salary increases. The administration is currently offering its employees a 1% salary increase. The associations are asking for 2%. Yes, we know, it’s a very small number. Your teachers and school staff would much rather be working hard on your behalf instead of arguing over a measly 1%.


Are teachers going to strike?

We don’t want to! We love our jobs, and we care passionately about the education of our students. A work stoppage, or strike, is a last resort option. A strike would be a disastrous inconvenience to the community. We want to settle this as soon as possible, and get back to the business of providing you with the quality education Ventura Unified has always provided.