Negotiations 2017

Negotiations report May 25th, 2017

VUEA and VUSD met for negations on Thursday, May 25th at the ESC.

This is the first meeting since the release of the May revised state budget.  There was a presentation on the change in funds to the district. VUSD also presented their projections for the budget for the next 3 years, and also projections for the 4th year out.  These projections are just that, projections, and have been wrong in the past, generally by being too conservative.

VUSD offered a 1% salary increase on schedule, retroactive to the beginning of the year.  This also includes fully funding the step and column increases, and the health and welfare benefits.

The VUEA negotiations team rejected the 1% offer, and remained with our 2% offer (including step and column increases, and the health and welfare benefits fully covered).

VUSD countered with a 1% salary increase retro to the beginning of the year (step and column and health and welfare covered), and the possibility of a 1% on-time bonus retro to the beginning of the year.  There would be no guarantee for this 1% bonus, and in fact during the district’s presentation, they seemed to doubt the conditions that would make the contingent 1% bonus possible.

VUSD has made it very clear that, due to the state budget condition, there will be no chance for an increase next year, in 2017-2018.

The VUEA negotiations team declined the 1% on / 1% off offer.  The membership has been very clear about the 2% salary increase.  VUEA members deserve a salary increase of 2%. 

The next meeting is Monday, June 5th at the ESC.

This is a lengthy process.  VUSD requested VUEA wait to negotiation, and the first meeting was February 2017.  VUSD didn’t provide a salary offer at that time.  The next meeting was April 19th, when VUEA proposed 4% and VUSD countered with 0%, then VUEA countered that with 2%.

The VUEA Negotiations Team is committed to getting the very best salary increase possible.

Negotiations Update!

One more time!

Thanks again, folks, for the GREAT TURNOUT at the last VUSD SCHOOL BOARD MEETING!

We have another chance to show our commitment and share our concerns on TUESDAY, May 23rd.
7pm, VHS City Hall Council

As always, we meet first at Anacapa Brewing Company for appetizers and conversations.

Then off we go to the board meeting.  The board meeting starts at 7pm, but we generally start speaking at public comments (which is about 7:30pm).  We’re generally out by 8:30 (but sometimes longer if there are a lot of public comments).

The more support we have at the meetings, the better position our negotiating team is in at the next Negotiations meeting (Thursday, May 25th).

PLEASE come and show your support.  Your presence makes all the difference!



VUEA had an EXCELLENT turn out the VUSD Board Meeting on Tuesday night (May 9th).  We had 40 members present!  Two board members wore red (Velma Lomax, Sabrena Rodriguez) and one sported a burgundy tie.  Thanks to them for their support!

The next negotiations meeting is Thursday, May 25th. The Negotiations Team is doing a great job, and our support helps them so much.


The next VUSD board meeting is
TUESDAY, May 23rd

and of course we’re going to pre-meeting at Anacapa Brewing Company at 6pm before the meeting!

We are going to the VUSD school board meeting on TUESDAY, MAY 9th at 7pm
We are going to speak at the public comments section, and our theme is:
investing in VUSD

If you want to prepare comments, the theme is:

Here is how I invest in the students of VUSD ____, it’s time for VUSD to invest in me.

We will be meeting at Anacapa Brewing company at 6pm on that Tuesday

Anacapa Brewing Company472 E Main Street
Appetizers provided by the VUEA.

VUEA call to action

VUEA action: Tuesday, April 25, 2017
VUSD Board Meeting, 7pm
Ventura City Hall Council Chamber

VUEA members, site reps and exec board members who can will be attending the VUSD Board Meeting to express our dissatisfaction with the current VUSD offer.

Simply, this year hasn’t been 0% harder than last year.  VUEA members haven’t worked just 0% harder this year.  Zero percent increase, after being asked to wait nearly a year for negotiations, after making all the district transitions as smooth as we could… 0% says something very definite about how VUSD invests in the PEOPLE of VUSD.

If you can, please join us at Anacapa Brewing Company, 472 E Main St, Ventura at 6pm.  We’ll meet for appetizers and strategy.


Here’s the VUEA Negotiations update for April 19, 2017.

 The Team met with the District on March 16 and specifically targeted two issues. Article 8 Adjunct Duties and Article 19 Compensation. The Districts response to 18 was that going forward that they will be working with Principals and make sure the number hours for adjunct duties does not exceed those that are currently in the contract.

Here is the Article 19 update: After waiting for months due to elections and internal strife with multiple positions at the District, we came in asking for a 4% salary increase retro on 3/16 asking for 2016-2017 school year with a continued step and column increase and continual funding of Health and Welfare Benefits. At that time they were unprepared to give us a counter proposal.

In good faith, we waited, until today for that counter from the District. The proposal came with a 0% salary increase. Needless to say that our Team was offended and we countered with a 2% retro.

While 2% doesn’t appear to be a large enough increase for some, we feel that it was very comparable to surrounding settlements from: Rio Teachers 2% on schedule, Hueneme 2.5% on schedule, Pleasant Valley 2% on schedule, Las Virgenes 2% on schedule.

We are doing the best we can during a time of economic uncertainty.

Going forward, it appears to be time to let the board and district admin know that we feel we have been cooperative partners this year, and it has been a very difficult year because of the district’s and board’s actions.  We have kept teaching, counseling, and working through the turmoil because we are dedicated to the students of VUSD.  Instead of an appropriate offer, we are offered zero percent.  VUEA is listening to ideas on how to proceed on this, please reply to

This process isn’t over.