Grievance from VUSD-VUEA-Agreement-070115-to-063018-FINALCONTRACT

A grievance is when the school or district breaks the contract.  Examples include: being asked to work more than the allotted hours, being asked to go beyond your contracted duties, etc.

You’re going to want to talk to a union representative (a site representative, a executive board member) while you do this.  BUT, don’t hold up the process, as there is a time limit for filing a grievance (8 days from the incident). If you can’t contact your site rep, call the VUEA office (or email) and let us know you are filing a grievance.  We want to help, but we can’t help if we don’t know.

To file a grievance, you must:
a) know what happened that violated the contract, and
b) know where the language is in the contract.

Your site representative can help you fill out the grievance form (attached above, just click the link.  Generally, you just fill out the level 1 grievance).

This is important.  You only have 8 days to file the grievance after the event.

Download the form, print it out, sign it and make FOUR copies.

  1. give two copies to your immediate supervisor
  2. keep a copy for yourself
  3. Send one to the VUEA office (brown mail/district mail works for this).  Call ( (805) 644-0876) or email the VUEA office as soon as you file so we can track the process

helpful tips:

  1. A grievance is between the individual bargaining unit member (or group) and the district.  It isn’t between two bargaining unit members.
  2. Many (or most) disputes are solved with a simple conversation.
  3. A bargaining unit member cannot be retaliated against for filing a grievance. (If you think you are being retaliated against, let your Rep know, or the Exec Board so we can look into it)
  4. Grievances don’t magically make everything better, but they can start the process of making things better.
  5. Be prepared to explain what you want to happen to redress the grievance.  If possible, have a solution in mind.
  6. The more realistic your expectations are, the more likely you are to be satisfied with the result.
  7. Everyone on the association side of this process is a volunteer, with  full time position.  We like to help, but sometimes scheduling is a challenge.