The whole world runs on committees, and we do to.

committee Member
Calendar Dan Nelson
Calendar Sean Reynolds
Channel Islands Service Center Jesse Barnett
Channel Islands Service Center Dan Nelson
CTA State Council Dan Nelson
Elections Diane Elrod (chair)
Grievance Andrea Conant
Grievance Barbara Harvey (chair)
Grievance Regina Mitchell
Grievance Dan Nelson
Health Care / GCJBT Steven Boyd (primary)
Health Care / GCJBT Dan Nelson (alternate)
Health Care / GCJBT Alicia Verdades
LGBTQ Dan Nelson
LGBTQ Angela Weatherford (chair)
Negotiations Skyler Chapin
Negotiations Diane Elrod
Negotiations Joel Levin
Negotiations Michael Malone (co-chair)
Negotiations Stephen Rowley (co-chair)
Negotiations Alicia Verdades
Political Action Diane Elrod
Political Action Paula Osborn
Political Action Lynda Uvari
Scholarship Anne Campbell (chair)
Sick Leave Bank Barbara Harvey
Sick Leave Bank Regina Mitchell (chair)
Sick Leave Bank Sheila Raives
Women’s Issues Stefanie Pimentel (chair)